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Feel Your Korean Beauty

Recently… Korean novelas, movies items, fashion is the latest fads.

I, myself got hooked with some Korean series. But what interest me most how did they maintain their young and fresh looks.

I consider myself not a victim of latest craze over fashion or what in or trending online. I have my own fashion sense and my own style. Still I am not getting any younger and I want to look good and feel good for myself.

Looking at the Koreans young and youthful glow, I really want to try their products and see how effective it is.  I tried checking at the mall and every item the prices are too much for me. Until my office mate introduce me to an online shopping for Korean beauty products –

At Althea you can buy discounted Korean beauty products and shipped to you all the way from Korean – guaranteed authentic products and cheaper. I comes in cute pink box of 2 sizes big and small.

Advantages of buying Korean Beauty Products from Althea

  1. Best Price – all products are discounted, you can check your favorite Korean beauty products at the mall or store and you can see the difference. Even if you will buy the item online it is already converted into peso.
  2. 100% authentic – all products are shipped directly from Korea. Once your order was placed your can check the status of your order and shipping schedule.
  3. Free shipping – for a minimum order of P1,500.00.
  4. Discounts, discounts and more discounts – Althea offers more discounts on Korean beauty products that you can think off, additional 10% on new arrivals items, product of the week / day, items on sale, limited edition packs, refer a friend and many more.
  5. Wide variety of Korean beauty products – you can order different products on 1 purchase.
  6. Hassle free shopping – for our busy schedule online shopping is ideal for me as working mom. I don’t have to go mall or stores to buy one item and move to the next building to check if the stock is already available. Althea have an updated inventory for their items. Plus if what you want is already out of stock you can add it to your wishlist.

Don’t forget to register

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