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Free Japanese Cosmetics


Having a sensitive skin bothers me a lot. I always wanted to try cosmetic products but I always hesitate because it will be a waste of money if the product doesn’t work on me. And being a single mom I value every penny that I spent and I am a practical spender.

Internet helps me in solving my problem. As I searched I got a chance to check free Japanese products particularly cosmetics.  All you have to do is give an honest review, so I decided to give it a try.

Since the item is free and if it doesn’t work on my skin, I will not regret spending money on it.

At Cosmeria, all you have to do is register using your facebook, like the products that you want to try and they will send them to you.  All they ask is to give an honest review. But there is always pros and cons in everything, and here is some of it on Cosmeria.



  1. Everything is authentic Japanese cosmetics products – you don’t have to worry if the item that you receive is fake and knowing how Japanese value quality over quantity, the products are definitely authentic and high quality.
  2. All products are free – products are sample that you can have absolutely free, no monetary value indicated in the shipment.
  3. Wide variety of Japanese cosmetic products – Cosmeria offers variety of Japanese cosmetic products from makeup, to facial cleanser, toners, skin care and hair can, everything that any woman would love to have.
  4. Accessible – you can check the free Japanese cosmetics online, thru your mobile and if you have an account at Cosmeria they will send to you the update on when the product you like will be available.
  5. Free shipping – Cosmeria provides free shipping not only in the Philippines but in other Asian country.



  1. Limited transaction – sad because you can only request 1 item per transaction and one transaction per day.
  2. Shipping is limited – there are available products that cannot be shipped to a particular country.
  3. Limited items per product – once the product is available, it will not guarantee that you can have it. There is a limited quantity of Japanese cosmetics that they provide, so you have to monitor when the product is available and be fast.
  4. Products are not available in the Philippines – like what I said they want you to give an honest review. But once you learn to love the products you can buy them.







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