Cosplay Mania 2016

Mag inang gala hit the road once more and this time to attend Cosplay Mania.

Cosplay was one of the event that fascinate me a lot.

Seeing real live people dressing up and looking like exactly what I saw on anime really amazed me.

Yesterday for the first time I was able to attend Cosplay Mania 2016 for the first time with my son Aeon and brother Michael at SMX Convention Center. This is different from the first time that I attend way back early 2000, where in the activities are different.

For this Cosplay Mania 2016 mag inang gala focus on completing the conquest card


Conquest is like a mini amazing race (on your own time) where in you will complete the pattern to get the stamp/signature of the participation booths.I decided to do the block out.

You have to go to a certain booth and some booth have games that you can play Bandai and Forces of Will before they put a stamp on your conquest card. Aeon and I enjoy playing forces of will and following the construction manual of Gundam.

Mag Inang Gala goes to Cosplay Mania 2016

Some booths requested to like and share their facebook page, some requested to register your name in their list and register in their site… you will get a lot of freebies from them,


It will not be as entertaining with out photo booth and pictures

mag inang gala goes to cosplay mania 2016
mag inang gala goes to cosplay mania 2016

It will not be a Cosplay Mania 2016 without the cosplayer and the contest… Sorry I was not able to take a lot of pictures…. We are busy with the conquest card…. Hahahahahha

Mag inang gala ended the day with #AniSong concert and for the first time I heard of StarMarie sing and saw them performed… The group earned praises with the audience because of their almost non stop performance with full of energy.  Riho Iida “Rippi” to others have the same energy and love by the fans… She had an interpreter to speak on behalf of her since she’s having a hard time to express herself. But the crowd loves her and she gave a good performance in return.

Sorry NO PICTURES and video capture is allowed during the concert… You will definitely enjoy concert watching them than being busy on your phone. Mag inang gala enjoy the music and the performance of the artists.


There are activities that we are not able to attend specially the meet and greet… limited for VIP ticket holder and for those who bought the tickets exclusive to 100 participants.

But definitely this is one of the activities that worthy to bond with your kids with all the freebies, prizes, activities anime items… And if you are an anime lover you will definitely love to attend it again.



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