Boy Scout
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Boy Scout… Family Day

Recently San Isidro Elementary School of Taytay, Rizal conducted a Boy Scouts Family day. Wherein, participants together with their parents join and play together different activities.

The Family Day starts with sunrise parade, the Boy Scouts walk from San Isidro to Taytay Elementary School to join with other Taytay elementary scouts for a brief program and activities.

After the brief program the Boy Scouts return to San Isidro wherein registration, games and other activities happened

1. Registration – parents and students fall in line to register and get their wristband. team colors are given in random to give chance to other students play with other class and year level

2. Activities  Boy Scouts and parents play different group games. Some games required parents to play together with their scouts some only require them to assist.

A. Pick a pick – Boy Scouts will pick up trashes across the school on a limited time, smart activity to clean school ground on a fastest time.

B.  Karera ng Bao – traditional Filipino game wherein the Boy Scouts will race using Bao… the fastest team will get the extra points, parents prepare… for sure kids soles are all dirty…

C. Straw Rely – using empty bottles Boy Scouts and parents will put the straws inside the bottles and collect the straws and pass it on to the next member.

D. Sack Race – parents and Boy Scouts will join and race together using sack.

E. Wheel Go Round – Boy Scouts with the help of their parents walk in a sack wheel and careful not to fall.

F. Maria went to Town – this is the funniest station of the activity, Boy Scouts will wear ladies clothes, hat, bag and sunglasses the walk in their sexiest way like a lady. Parents are there as stage parents and help them dress up.

3. Awarding –of course all programs end with awarding winning teams will get ribbons and the most number of ribbons.

Tired and yet enjoy.


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