Innesfree No Sebum Mineral Powder Review
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Innesfree No Sebum Mineral Powder Review

Innesfree No Sebum Mineral Powder is one of the best mineral powder that I have tried. When I first saw this at Althea I wanted to buy it immediately but sad to say it is always of stock.

The advantages of having Innesfree No Sebum Mineral Powder in your daily beauty kit are

  1. The container is small that can fit anywhere even in you pouch or pocket
  2. Scent smells nice
  3. Small quantity of the powder in the puff can cover almost one side of you face.
  4. It gives your skin a dry and smooth look
  5. You can apply it on you face even if you’re outside and your face it a little oily and will not give you a sticky effect.
  6. It stays on your face longer than the ordinary powder.
  7. Can be used by the people with sensitive skin like me
  8. Lastly after applying Innesfree No Sebum Mineral Powder on you face it doesn’t give you a “face covered with flour” look because the powder blend in your skin color.

This powder is one of the best product I tried in my face that tried and will definitely recommend to anyone who want to try mineral powder.

You can buy Innesfree No Sebum Mineral Powder at the mall or you can check it Althea for discounts but be ready to wait because it might take you weeks or months before you can actually purchase because the powder is so cool and usually out of stock.


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