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How to make sash for United Nation Day

It is October once again,  United Nations Day, all schools will celebrate.

How to make a sash is one of the common worries of parents like me, specially if their kids are part of the parade or class representative for UN Day.

Because of this I will teach you how to make sash.

First you need the following

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  1. Sticker paper
  2. Scissor
  3. 4 yards 2 inches ribbon (good for 2 sashes) any color of your choice
  4. Black marker
  5. Cutter
  6. Colored or white glue

Optional – if sticker paper is not available

  1. Colored paper
  2. Double adhesive tape

This is how you make your sash for United Nation day

  • Since I don’t have a sticker paper I printed the name on colored paper (neon yellow) For this font I use Bookman Old style and the font size is 190
how to make sash
colored paper / sticker paper
  • I put on the double adhesive tape at the back of the paper


  • Then cut the letters
  • Use the cutter to cut the inner / holes on letters
  • Use black marker to enhance the outline of each letters
  • Cut the lower part of the ribbons like triangle to keep the ribbon from having loose ends

how to make sash

  • Align the letters on the sash ribbon and peel off the sticker cover and put the letters on top of the ribbons.  The advantage on using sticker letters on your sash is that you can always remove the letters to adjust.

  • Once all letters are on the ribbon, cover the letters with colored glue.  The glue will give a glossy effect on the sash and protect the sash from getting wet.
  • Let it dry

Once dry your sash is now good to use.



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