copied drawing

Artistic Aeon

Kids today spend most of their time playing with gadgets and computers, and I personally don’t allow Aeon to spent most of his time playing with them.

He, made himself to be more creative in playing. Sometimes he played with blanket and pretend to be super hero. Other time he use the big boxes to be his station while playing with cousins pretending to be soldiers.

But what amazes me most is how he spend his time using pencil, crayons and water color.  He even ask me to teach him how to use water colors for his art activities at school.

One time when I came from the office I saw my old sketchpad on the table and next to it are bond papers with drawings. At I first thought he played with the papers and wasted them. Then I realized that the drawings on the paper seems to be familiar and i check my pad smile. He diligently tried to copy my drawings until he gets tired.

I was happy that he managed to copy some of the drawings and that he is trying different things that challenges his talents.




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