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Aeon’s First Communion

This morning my son Aeon had his first communion. I am not an active church member but I see to it that he will experience all the activities he can.

I was amazed how the priest integrate in his homily the importance of God’s rule and the rules we all need today.

  1. Love God
  2. Love others as you love yourself
  3. Love mother earth, because if it get destroyed we will all suffers.

I give credits to the facilitator of the communion for the following reasons

  1. Very organized.
  2. Timely – students are asked to be at the church at 730 am and by 740 they are walking inside the church for the introduction of the activity, dos and don’ts.
  3. Parents are not allowed to be near their kids – this is to keep the students from being destructed and be focused on the mass.
  4.  Only authorized photographers are allowed to go near the communion area. to avoid over crowding and respect to the sacrament as well. (good thing that I was able to go to a nice location that I was able to took a picture although a little blurred.

Students in Aeon’s school is not required to attend only Catholic students. I was surprised that he find the taste the ostia sweet….

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