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Saving and organizing household supplies

Saving and organizing household supplies is common problem every mother encounter. I have here 5 tips on how to save and organized our everyday household supplies.

1 Tooth brush – write a date when you first use your tooth brush. This way you will not miss when to replace them.


2. Cut your soap into half – having children at home definitely makes your soap life run out fast because they love to play with them.


3. Stick together small soap and new one – instead of throwing the small soap, wet the small soap and put it on top of the wet new soap and leave it over night to dry. In the morning the 2 soaps are stick together and there will be no cluttering and wasted soap on the bathroom.

4. Use baby powder puff – if your are using a powder type under arm deodorant, put the deo powder in the baby powder puff and use it directly on your under arm by tapping, there will be less powder spill and you avoid having scratches on your under arm and no messy left over powder in you hands.


5. Too many microwavable container – use the microwavable container as school supplies organizer. You decluttered your kitchen and organized children’s used school supplies and save lots of money buying crayons and pencils that they usually play.


Hope this help you organized, declutter and save your household daily supplies.




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