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Halloween Celebration

Halloween celebration used to be a common day or night to us when we we’re kids. But today it became one of the most awaited time of the year. For years we celebrate Halloween night to bond with cousins and friends.

Unlike other seasonal parties or family events Halloween celebration is my favorite event to organize because it is very easy to prepare and less expensive and no major preparation needed and less expectation.

We only have the following:

  1. Candles – lights off and place candle at the whole garden to feel that spooking feelingimg_20161031_184155

2. Food, candies, fries and other finger food treats – foods that both adult and kids love to eat , grill those mallows for extra fun

3. Costumes or OOTN (outfit of the night) – you don’t have to buy new clothe,s DIY and a little make up is all you need and you’re ready to scare them

4. Scary sound effect, scary faces is all you need to keep the party going

5. No need for tables and chairs since most of the kids will go around saying “trick or treat”

We celebrate Halloween yearly not to imitate other culture but to give our children time to bond with their cousins, be creative to what they want to be on that one night a year and have time to enjoy.



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