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Mag Inang Gala goes to Blogapalooza

Last Saturday, November 5,2016, mag inang gala goes to Blogapalooza at Novotel Araneta Center Cubao.  Blogapalooza is an event for bloggers and aspiring bloggers like me to meet some well known and experienced blogger from any part of the country.

The experience we had that day was great, we are able to bond and have fun while playing at the different booths, photo sessions, unlimited water, free foods and the freebies. But what makes the event even more exciting is that I was able to listen and be inspired to aim high and dream even bigger.

I enjoy the talk of the speakers and “reject, rejections”, listen how bloggers group from different regions organized and help each other and how blogging for brands work.

But what I love about Blogapalooza are the following

1. Booths – many brands that you can check their products, samples and of course photo op…

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2. Free food and drinks – don’t get worried that you might miss your lunch or snacks, you’ll never get hungry, food and drinks are everywhere what makes it the best is everything is for FREE…

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3. Games, games and more games – both young and adult definitely enjoyed the games every both have, every game have its prizes and consolation prizes, but basically all those games are for fun.

4. Speakers, entertainment and open forum – talk about motivation and having fun Blogapalooza, get the chance to be inspired because of The Tale Of Juliet, be entertained by The Fourth Player of Third World Improv and got the chance to get an overview of different bloggers group in the country.

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5. Last and not the least – FREEBIES, FREEBIES and a lot MORE FREEBIES!!!! – no explanation needed.

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Being able to attend an event like this is an experience that we mag inang gala will never forget.


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