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Aeon Experienced Roc On Sky

Aeon Experienced Roc On Sky  a 9D virtual reality game at Robinson Metro East.  For only one hundred pesos (P100) you can experience 3-5 minutes 9D virtual reality experience.  Since Aeon loved science and outer space, tried the moon walking and he enjoyed the looking at the moon and walking towards the sun.

Since virtual reality game is very expensive this is a good opportunity to test and experience how 9D virtual reality works.

Why Ride?

  1. Roc On Sky provides experience to virtual reality game
  2. Wide variety of virtual reality film from moon walking, roller coaster ride,  zombie hunt.
  3. Fit for children 5 years old and adults
  4. Feel the reality of what you see virtually, like splash of water and walking very slowly at outer space.

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Roc On Sky
Location: 2/F Robinson Metro East
Fee : P100 per film approximately last up to 6 minutes depend on the film

Note: Zombie or Horror films are not suited for those who have a weak heart



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