Mag Inang Gala Felt Surigao Ng Damdamin

Mag Inang Gala was at Surigao last July. We had fun and got the chance to experience exciting activities that were very different from what we experience in our travels before.

Here are the reasons why Mag Inang Gala felt Surigao ng Damdamin as one of the best place we ever been

Day 1

  1. Weegols – breakfast with big chicken inasal for a reasonable price, 2 rice, and a quarter chicken… What more can you ask for…
  2. Tinuy-an Falls
  3. International Doll House
  4. Bislig –

Overnight stay at Casa de Babano

Day 2

  1. Enchanted River
  2. Sibadan Fish Cage – for fish feeding and lunch, almost forgot about the stingray that gives the experience more excitement during the fish feeding
  3. Britania Island hoping

Overnight stay at La Entrada Resort

Day 3

Sohoton / Bucas Grande – we visited

  1. Sohoton Cove and blue lagoon,
  2. Jellyfish Sanctuary – 2 passengers per paddle boat to watch and touch jellyfish
  3. Hagukan Cave – where the luminous water appear whenever you play with water
  4. Magkukuob cavern (Diving Cave) -sadly I was not able to do the dive due to motherly constrain

We end our tour by staying overnight stay at Dan’s House to relax.





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