Mag Inang Gala Amazed At Clark Land

Mag inang gala was amazed at Clark Land at Clark Freeport Zone, Pampanga, a place to learn and have fun at the same time. Clark Land is place that was divided into different activities, wherein Dinosaur Island is the primary attraction.

Dinosaurs Island is where you will experience how the different dinosaurs lived.

clark land dinosaurs island

Wonders of the World is the first leap starts be discovering the different wonders of the world. Very visual informative both for students and parents. Wonders of the world both old and new list of wonders.

Dino Trail is an exciting activity wherein you have to walk in a forest like area with lots of dinosaurs showing how they live, food the eat and even with the sounds they created. You will definitely have fun taking your pictures or posing for your best captured moments.

Dino Show at Dino World of fun is entertaining seeing two (2) dinosaurs dancing and trying to bite kids and parents to add thrill and fun to the show.

7D Super Screen is like going on a cinema with your 3D glasses on… What makes this more entertaining is that your chair is moving like as if your are really part of the ride. I heard a lot screaming whenever we are about to hit on something or falling…

Jurassic Jungle Safari this one will bore adults but definitely enjoyed by the kids. The open train cart will move for you to experience a juggle safari ride and be chased or surprised by dinosaurs came out of nowhere. Ohhh BTW  did I mentioned some kids actually cried….

In general mag inang gala was amazed at the Clark Land and I can say it is worth the time and value for money. The bonding and the learning mixed with fun and excitement is worth it.

For more information about Clark Land

Office Address:
2280 Marconi Street, Barangay San Isidro,
Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines

Email Address:

Phone No.:
+63 2 887 0803
(045) 499 3033



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