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Quezon Memorial Shrine

logolicious_20161123_145357Quezon Memorial Circle is commonly known to others as park wherein you can jog or dance zumba in the morning. Not all of us are aware that there lies the remains of our former president Manuel Luis Quezon at the Quezon Memorial Shrine. The last time I was in Quezon Memorial Shrine was during college visiting for some projects that I didn’t bother to recall why?

Now that I am already a parent and I see how technology change how people see parks and memorials I realized I was lucky to experience going to this place with my son to guide him the importance of different shrine and museum.

I have here are the few pictures of what we have seen and learned inside Quezon Memorial Shrine.

A room full of stuffs used by the former first lady Mrs. Aurora Quezon these includes clothes, bags, shoes, bed and even mirror

Paintings and sculptures that shows the simple life of the Filipinos before.

Items used by President Manuel L Quezon from card holder to clothes used during the war

And Most special President Quezon himself 

His funeral and remains

Lastly the most important part of this trip aside from the learning is the time we send together.


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