Korean Alley Dak Galbi
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Korean Alley: Dak Galbi Review

I enjoy eating Korean food and got the chance to try Korean Alley’s Dak Galbi and I love it from the presentation to preparation and the taste. Best eaten wrapped in the freshly picked lettuce and the spiciness blend naturally without hurting your tongue.

The difference between Korean Alley’s Dak Galbi to other Korean dishes I tried are the following

  1. Freshly prepared healthy ingredients like chicken, onions, kamote, carrots, cabbage and spices. korean-alley-dak-galbi

2.  You can watch how your food will be cooked because they will cook right in front of you.

3. Very very Korean I used to think that adding rice to the food Korean eat are just like our sinangag BUT I WAS WRONG… Dak Galbi is way different, it is like Paella in a spicy twist.

4. Affordable…. that size is medium, ideal for sharing up to 4 person for only P350.

Most of the Korean food I tried are already cooked whenever they serve to you and this experience amazed and excite me. I enjoy watching the cooking process and the aroma of sizzling ingredients make me even more hungry.

Score Board
Food 5/5
Service 5/5
Place 5/5
Price 5/5


For more information
check Korean Alley Facebook page
Located at
(inside Misono Teppanyaki)
124 Jupiter St. Makati City
Call (02) 847 9947




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