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Korean Alley: Korean Meals for Korean at Heart

Korean Alley is a newly operating Korean Restaurant in Makati. It can be found inside Misono Teppanyaki at Jupiter St. Makati City. If you are a Korean at heart and love everything about Korean and their food this is definitely one of the MUST TRY for you.

Here are the five reasons WHY 

  1. Guaranteed authentic Korean meals from side dishes to spices. See how they meticulously prepare everything just as exactly how you can see in those Korean series that you watched.
    Korean Alley

2.  Everything is fresh. They even have their own lettuce garden, picked, washed and served on the spotkorean-alley-letuce

3. Freshly cooked food…. as in they will cook your food right in front of you. Unlike the other Korean food, I tried you order they prepare and serve your food or buffet that you will be the one cooking your food which somehow misses the fun of continuously eating and savoring your meal. BTW she’s a professional cookKorean Alley

4. Place where you can eat with your family and friends. The Korean Alley is clean and spacious you can make reservations, celebrate birthdays, parties and other important event and even just dining with your friends and child-friendly place too. 

Korean Alleykorean-alley-place

5. Affordable food ideal for sharing and they offer daily promos

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What I love about Korean Alley is their Dak Galbi, cooked right in front of me and I can smell the aroma of the food, after cooking a portion of the Dak Galbi will be set aside and you can add on cups of rice just like what I’d seen on the TV.

Nothing beats the complete seat of a Korean meal.

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For more information
check Korean Alley Facebook page
Located at
(inside Misono Teppanyaki)
124 Jupiter St. Makati City
Call (02) 847 9947


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