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5 Things Every Traveler Must Have

It’s summer time once again and every body is eager to plan their vacation.  But before you hit the road be sure you have this basics with you…..

1. Sarong or shawl this can be an alternative for the bulky bath towel can serve as your bathrobe, cover, picnic mat, name it and you will be surprise usefull this thin piece of cloth in your traveling life

2. Sunblock of course this is a mandatory if your target destination is the beach or even going for a hike… Not to mention on you daily stoll outside. Help you protect your skin from sunburn and other possible skin problems…Don’t forget to include facial sunblock because it might come in handy for you… I suggest buy those with SPF 50

3. Sling bag a medium size sling bag is ideal so you can put your phone, tablet, selfie stick, wallet, umbrella, bottled water, small kikay kit, sunblock and other important things you need that can be pull out in a matter of seconds.. Plus find something classic or fashionable depends on your target destination

4. Comfty sandal I suggest buy something with straps…. Ideal to be worn on the beach at the hike or just going put on the mall… This will never go out of fashion… Fits perfectly on jeans, shorts and even summer dresses…. Strap sandals will not easily get loose to your feet and you will not worry on walking on sand and even mud… Plus you can wash them. You can even wear it while swimming at the beach..

5. Pair of dark sunglasses aside from sun protection it will be fashionable for you to wear while hiding your eyebags and can be place on top of your head as a headband to manage you hair specially if you dont have a chance to comb or brush it

Hope you enjoy you vacation..


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