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5 Reasons Why USANA Essentials Is The Vitamins For Me

I tried taking USANA Essentials when a friend gives me samples about 2 or 3 years ago but didn’t continue due to my typical skeptic thinking on the price without even asking the advantage and why the cost is a little higher than the common multivitamins. But now that I am taking USANA Essentials on a daily basis I just want others to know what changes my mind and here are the reasons.

5 Reasons Why USANA Essentials Is The Vitamins For Me

  1. Energetic – I worked at the office 8am-530pm and online until midnight or even overnight if needed, and still I feel energetic the whole day at the office and even if I go out for school activities with my son, hang out friends or attend a bloggers event. Even if I stuck up in traffic I don’t get irritated immediately.
  2. Sleep well – like what I said I worked at night but once I lay down I can fall asleep immediately and uninterrupted. Before even I am too tired I still toss and turn on my bed before I could finally sleep that most of the time took me more than an hour to fall asleep (such a waste of time)
  3. I woke up like this – even if I only have 2 hours sleep or 8 hours sleep I woke up with light feeling and ready. Before even if I sleep 6 hours or  I still feel tired and lazy to move that I don’t want to leave my bed and even the day to start. Now I can  start my day with an ease and no haggard or tired looking face
  4. Clean colon – I never had a problem with my daily toilet routine, in fact, I even do it twice a day. But the feeling of you are done but not completely and anxiety that there is still something left makes me uncomfortable for the rest of the day.   Now I can go out of the bathroom feel super clean and the feeling that everything went out was a big relief.
  5. Economical – yes…. you read it right my skeptic mind change when I recompute the amount. The set of USANA Essentials (when I bought it 2 months ago)is P3,300 (2 bottles, one antioxidant and the other is mineral) each bottle consist of 112 pcs. You need to take the 2 vitamins together approximately P15.00 per tablet. Unlike the other multivitamins that you need to buy different vitamins (e.g. Vit c, calcium, b complex, iron, Vit e, fiber) for you to have the same complete result.

I really like the effect of USANA Essentials Mega Antioxidant and Chelated Mineral in my body and it helps me to be more productive in my daily activities.



Note: this is not a paid listing


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