Mag Inang Gala at Ragnarok Festival: The Relaunch

Ragnarok is one of the pioneers of all Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) here in the Philippines. Recently makes its relaunch after being closed since 2015.  At the event players from different part of the country gather together and patiently wait for the event to start.

What’s in Ragnarok festival?

  1. Cosplay – Many players do make an effort on preparing their costumes and headgears. But what makes this event entertaining are kids (together with their parents probably Ragnarok players) wearing their RO costumes.

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  2. Meet the Real Life RO couple – as part of the game, players can marry their partners mostly guildmates or party friends, and some of them even end up marrying each other in real life… #MayForeverSaRagnarok.

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  3. Players, players, and more players – some came with friends, old guildmates, families, and like us RO players from other server come as a group to bond.

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  4. Raffle, freebies,  contest, and entertainment – nothing beats the entertainment and fun this event gave to Ragnarok players especially the prizes…

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  5. Meet the people behind the revival of Ragnarok Philippines – Yoshinori Kitamura,Chief Executive Officer of Gravity Interactive, LTD, Rithirong Kaewvicheara Chief Operating Officer, Electronics Extreme (EE) Thailand, the official Southeast Asia license holder in operating Ragnarok Philippines and other Asian countries, and Johnny Paek, President and CEO of Elite Sourcing Global, a game management solution provider.

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    Ragnarok relaunch is not yet completed. Many players have questions in their mind, like
    – Is it free to play?
    – Are bot allowed?
    – When can we start to play?
    – Is there any cd installer available or the game is available for download?
    – What are the jobs available? And many more

    For more information, we are advised that there will be a press conference to answer all the in-game questions.
    All other information is available at Ragnarok Philippines website


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