5 Reasons Why I Love Pond’s BB Powder

I admit I am not a powder person. Having a sensitive skin is the primary reason and plus the many incidents of inhaling the powder while applying it to my face. A friend introduced to me Pond’s BB powder to try. Since I use BB cream and BB stick I want to try and check the difference.

Here are the 5 reasons why I love using Pond’s BB Powder

  1. Matte Finished – BB cream and BB stick are oil mostly oil base that after applying to my face I usually have to damp mineral powder on it. But when I apply Pond’s BB powder, it gives matte finish on my face and controls its oiliness.
  2. Scent – I enjoy the scent it is soft and doesn’t give you this irritating feeling that you smell different under your nose…
  3. Skin friendly – like what I said and what my friends know I have a very sensitive skin if I apply one product I get easily irritated and end up having rashes all over my face or my body. But, when I apply Pond’s BB powder on my face, it gives me a lighter feeling(no oiliness to worry), no irritation and I can use it every day.
  4. All day freshness look – we have this current trend that we wanted to have this fresh look and no heavy makeups. Pond’s BB powder is the ideal alternative for makeup foundations, BB creams, and other makeup bases. Good for students since some schools have regulations on students wearing makeups, and since it is powder it adjusts to your skin tone, unlike other white powders that make you look like you play with flours.
  5. Convenient – after applying before we leave the house we sometimes need to retouch our makeups because of oiliness or to adjust on our next event. Unlike the other products that when you reapply it soiled the buffs or the sponge of your make up base. which is difficult to clean or sometimes leaves an unpleasant odor. And the most difficult part of it is… It is a little awkward if you reapply it on public ladies room because it will take time and by the time you finished basically you don’t feel refreshed at all. Pond’s BB powder is so convenient all you have to do is pour it on your palm, pat a small amount on your face and spread it all over your face like any other regular powders and you will have this matte finished skin and freshness that you need in no time.

These are the main reason why I enjoy using Pond’s BB powder.


I prefer to use a small brush when applying Pond’s BB powder, I put a small amount on my palm damp the brush and spread on my face, it is faster that way and evenly distribute the powder.

NOTE: This is not a paid review

Pond's BB Powder


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