Travel Book Friend Code Program

Travel Book Friend Code Program started as Affiliate Program wherein Mag Inang Gala has been part since 2016. What I like about this program is it help us bloggers in many different ways.

Here are some of the reasons why I love Travel Book Friend Code Program.

  1. Can generate extra income – YES a big YES we can earn from travel book… HOW??? just share your code to your friends or online and every successful and used reservations you can get partner referral fee.
  2. Hotel Information – as a blogger, virtual assistant and former executive assistant finding the right hotel for my client, my boss and myself is a big struggle but with travel book all you have to do is enter your location the date of your travel plan and you can get all the hotels, resorts, travel inns that are available on the day.
  3. Hassle free reservation – no need to call in all hotels to check their availability in just a few clicks and your reservations are complete.
  4. Low minimum withdrawal amount – as low as five hundred pesos you can withdraw your earnings…
  5. Great Service – One of the best experience I can guarantee about the Travel Book Friend Code Program is their service. When I first make my Friend Code earnings I accidentally give the bank account number that I no longer use. I feel down at that time that I might not get my earnings. I decided to send an email to them and they respond in less than 24hrs and consider reprocessing my earning withdrawal.

Travel Book Friend Code program helps a lot especially as a mother all my expenses are budgeted and when I encounter unforeseen expenses Travel Book Friend Code Program earning is my back up plan.


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