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5 Things Every Traveler Must Have

It's summertime once again and everybody is eager to plan their vacation.  But before you hit the road be sure you have these basics with you..... 1. Sarong or shawl this can be an alternative for the bulky bath towel can serve as your bathrobe, cover, picnic mat, name it and you will be surprised useful… Continue reading 5 Things Every Traveler Must Have

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Saving and organizing household supplies

Saving and organizing household supplies is common problem every mother encounter. I have here 5 tips on how to save and organized our everyday household supplies. 1 Tooth brush - write a date when you first use your tooth brush. This way you will not miss when to replace them. 2. Cut your soap into… Continue reading Saving and organizing household supplies

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How to plan a birthday party

How to plan a birthday party is the biggest every host encounter. As a mom planning a birthday party every year is a challenge to me, every year must be unique and budget friendly. For mothers and frustrated planners out there here are the things that you should keep in mind how to plan a birthday… Continue reading How to plan a birthday party

how to make sash
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How to make sash for United Nation Day

It is October once again,  United Nations Day, all schools will celebrate. How to make a sash is one of the common worries of parents like me, specially if their kids are part of the parade or class representative for UN Day. Because of this I will teach you how to make sash. First you… Continue reading How to make sash for United Nation Day