Boy Scout
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Boy Scout… Family Day

Recently San Isidro Elementary School of Taytay, Rizal conducted a Boy Scouts Family day. Wherein, participants together with their parents join and play together different activities. The Family Day starts with sunrise parade, the Boy Scouts walk from San Isidro to Taytay Elementary School to join with other Taytay elementary scouts for a brief program and activities.… Continue reading Boy Scout… Family Day

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Cosplay Mania 2016

Mag inang gala hit the road once more and this time to attend Cosplay Mania. Cosplay was one of the event that fascinate me a lot. Seeing real live people dressing up and looking like exactly what I saw on anime really amazed me. Yesterday for the first time I was able to attend Cosplay Mania… Continue reading Cosplay Mania 2016

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Our Adventure Begins – Destination: Puerto Galera

  June 1, 2012 is the day that it all begun. Destination – Puerto Galera, Mindoro. This is the first travel that we had as mother and son bonding. Basically it is a cluster outing for our company group and since then, we look forward to travel new places annually. I will try to recall… Continue reading Our Adventure Begins – Destination: Puerto Galera

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What Mommy wear, Aeon wear….

I love dressing up with my son. We wear similar clothes, same color, same style or even same design. This makes me happy and comfortable, I love the way he smile whenever he would be the one to choose what we should wear for the day. The best feeling above this is when you walk… Continue reading What Mommy wear, Aeon wear….

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Out on a Trip

It’s been a while since me and my son goes out on a vacation… Each trip gives us memories and bonding is limitless. The best part of it is “It’s just the two of us”…. we can sleep any time, eat anything, buy anything”. And every year I am looking forward on our next trip… Continue reading Out on a Trip